Bookings and Fees

Under fives

Due to the limited amount of spaces available for the under fives all attendance patterns need to be booked on a long term basis with the same pattern each week. We require at least 4 weeks notice of any changes of times/days or cancellation of the place. Changes to times/days must be made in consultation with Room Supervisors/setting Manager and is subject to availability. We cannot offer any concessions for absence (Sickness or Holidays). In the event of less than 4 weeks notice of cancellation the full amount of fees up to that date will become payable.


These are payable in advance, you can pay by cash, cheque (with guarantee card), or by direct payment into our bank (please ask for details). We also accept childcare vouchers. The group reserves the right to suspend children’s places in the event of fees still being outstanding after 4 weeks and the relevant action will be taken (see fees policy).

Educational Grants

Under the Early Years Education Grant Scheme your child is eligible for approximately 15 hours free childcare per week. Your child is eligible for this grant from the term following the term of their third birthday. The amount does vary slightly from term to term – you will be notified of the allocation each term. We will work out your child’s attendance pattern in consultation with you. As we are open all year round grants can be used in the holidays as well – i.e. use less days per week to save some for the holidays – please ask if you wish to do this. If your child is going to attend another setting as well as us we would ask for a proportionate allocation of grants to attendance at each setting and reserve the right to charge the value of the lost grants if this is not adhered to.

Fees for time attended outside the granted sessions are payable at School’s Out rates following payment of the £15.00 registration fees.

Additional Needs

Following discussion with parents/carers, children with additional needs of any kind will be assessed by our trained SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) who will put together an individual Education Plan to meet the individual needs of the child. They will also liaise with any outside agencies that are deemed necessary to assist in meeting these needs.

Government Funding

You can now find an explanation of all Government financial support on the new Childcare Choices website: This details all available help towards your childcare costs and you can check what is available to you personally using their childcare calculator at

Price list

Nursery Sessions

£16.20 £14.40
£16.20 £14.40
extensions to sessions
£5.40 £4.80
day with 5% discount
£53.86 £47.88
week with 10% discount
£255.15 £226.80
rate for additional hours
£5.40 £4.80

We close on Bank Holidays and for one week at Christmas.

Fees Policy

Payment of Fees:

The hourly rate payable for the 2015/2016 school year is £4.20 for children under 3 years and £3.60 for over 3s. This fee is inclusive of a healthy snack consisting of fresh fruit, cheese and crackers at the midway point of morning and afternoon sessions.

The setting is in receipt of Nursery Education Funding. Funded hours are available to children the term after their child turns three. You can claim 570 hours per funded year. You can claim a minimum of 2.5 hours and a maximum of 10 hours per day up to a maximum of 15 hours per week. If you claim 15 hours per week this will be a term time only place (38 weeks of the year). If you wish your child to attend all year round grants will be allocated at 47.5 hours per month and additional hours are paid for at the current rate.

The setting can also accommodate 2 year funded children. There is a set criteria for claiming this, application forms and further details are available at the setting or from Somerset County Council.

To claim funding, the setting must have a copy of your child’s passport or birth certificate, without these funding cannot be claimed and you will be charged for any hours your child attends.

Fees when a child is absent are payable, as running costs still need to be met by setting and the placement is booked for that child. In the event of a long term absence, in excess of 6 weeks, the Committee may waive fees; this is however at the Committee’s discretion and dependent on circumstances.

Emergency Closure Days (due to unforeseen circumstances) are not subject to charge in accordance with Somerset County Council’s ‘Code of Practice’. In the event of an Emergency Closure the setting will waive the fees for that day or offer alternative sessions if possible.

Billing of Fees:

The setting’s administrator will issue an invoice at the beginning of the last full week of each month. Invoices are payable monthly or weekly in advance. The invoice contains a monthly payment breakdown and a date for payment to be made. Payment can be made by cash, cheque, card machine or bank transfer. Payments made by cash, cheque or card machine must be paid to the administrator or senior member of staff who will issue a receipt for the amount paid. Bank transfer details are available from reception.
An alternative payment plan can be arranged if required, ie Weekly, Fortnightly. If this arrangement is required parents are to contact the setting’s administrator.

Late Payment of Fees:

If fees are not paid by the latest date set out on the monthly invoice (or alternative pre-agreed payment plan) a reminder will be issued by the setting’s administrator. Payment is to be made within 4 working days of this reminder, if payment is made no further charges or action will be taken.

Failure to complete payment in the specified timeframe will incur a £10 administration charge and you will be informed by letter of the requirement to pay all outstanding fees within 7 working days of the date of the letter.

If payment is not received by the deadline laid down in the letter all unfunded hours attended by the child will be withdrawn with immediate effect and the setting will seek to recover unpaid fees via the setting’s debt collection agency inclusive of costs.

A parent may request, in writing, for an extension to their fee deadline. This request is to be sent to Chard NNI’s Committee and is at the Committee’s discretion whether an extension may be granted. A request must include a proposed payment plan for it to receive consideration.

Removal of Child from Chard NNI ( under 5 years):

Should you wish to remove your child from the Nursery, a notice period of 4 weeks term time, is required to cancel a child’s placement. Failure to give adequate notice means the placement cannot be re-allocated and therefore you will be charged or funding will be claimed for all sessions. Only in exceptional circumstance and at the Committee’s discretion will this period of notice be waived.


Late Collection of Child Charges:

Late collection of each child will be charged at £5 per 15 minutes, with a minimum charge of £5. These charges will be determined by staff records and the signing in and out procedure. An invoice will be issued and is payable on receipt.

If a parent has informed staff that they will be delayed, a 15 minute window will be allowed before charges come into effect. This should only occur in exceptional circumstances, and frequent occurrences will be treated as an abuse of this facility and charges will be incurred at a rate of £5 per 15 minutes.