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OFSTED Big Conversation

We attend the Ofsted Big Conversation Zoom meeting as part of our ongoing continued professional development plan.

 These Meetings are full of relevant and up to date information  which informs us to improve our practices for you and your children.

These meetings also give us a voice to ask OFSTED any questions that we may have they respond immediately with the answer therefore giving us the chance to improve and ensure that everything we do here at Clare house is safe and appropriate.

These meetings also provide us with regular meetings with our Local authority representative; This gives us the opportunity to have discussions with other local settings about common themes around training needs, Funding rates, nursery provision and practices.

The Ofsted Big Conversation brought together representatives of Early Years Education & Care Providers and Ofsted across the UK. It is a voluntary organisation run by sector representatives and the purpose within the Terms of Reference are:

  • To provide a communication forum where providers*, who deliver Early Years care and education, can collectively bring shared areas of concern or common themes they seek further clarification on, to a representative from Ofsted, and receive a timely response


  • To provide Ofsted an opportunity to give updates on changes     and direction of travel and to help dispel Ofsted ‘myths’.


  • To provide information and discussions on sustainability in Early Years Education & Care settings, sharing good practice with other providers. South West OBC has a regular slot for sharing sustainability in practice.


  • To receive updates from Local Authority representatives (listed below)

Founder and Managing Director of Tops Day Nurseries Cheryl Hadland is also Chair of OBC South West.

What is the Ofsted Big Conversation?

Tops Day Nurseries organise and coordinates the OBC meetings to share best practice, which day nurseries and childminders are welcome to attend.

This is a forum that is gathering pace for all those interested in the fairness and quality of Ofsted inspections and also in the EYFS and Funding. This is an opportunity to share experiences and good practice, voice frustrations, for networking, CPD, and engagement first hand with Ofsted, Local Authorities and the DfE.

During the meeting:

  • Cheryl Hadland, SouthWest OBC Chair, will be screen-sharing a presentation throughout the meeting, covering updates from the APPG for Early Years and Childcare and sharing the latest in on-going sustainability projects.
  • Jane Burchall, Senior Ofsted Inspector, will be attending as a guest speaker on behalf of Ofsted.
  • We will be using break off rooms for individual Local Authorities to share updates and answer location-specific questions.
  • There will be a messaging forum running throughout for questions, as well as an opportunity for discussion during the open Q&A session.

To join the #SWOBC register via Eventbrite.

The meeting agenda and joining instructions will be sent closer to the time of the event.

If you wish to discuss something specific at this event, please email your questions to charli@theofstedbigconversation.co.uk and we will ensure this is added to the agenda.

We hope to see you there!