Baby Provision (0 to ~26months)

Our Nursery room is called ‘Daisy Room‘.

Our babies also experience our ‘Sensory Room‘ and get to play in the ‘Outdoor Play Area‘.

Daisy Room


Where it all begins! Karen has completed her neuroscience training so has an in depth understanding of the importance of early relationships and how these will influence your child’s development.  Positive relationships support their well-being and their gradual development of self-regulation.  Our baby room is a cosy and warm space, which enables effortless learning through experiences and exploration.  We aim to spark babies’ curiosity and imagination by providing open ended resources and activities to challenge their creativity.  We must also not forget the daily messy play that is set out on our non-slip area!  As a team we know how important it is to provide a nurturing and inspiring room where babies can feel confident t be themselves, have a voice and gain skills to equip them for lifelong learning by encouraging, supporting and scaffolding each baby’s uniqueness.

We have our own garden with regular access throughout the year to resources and experiences in an outdoor learning environment.


Our sleep room has cots and beds for each baby and we have our own milk kitchen.  Diaries are used to record your child’s day/nappy changes, sleep, meal time and for parents to share their child’s home routine.  We actively encourage parents comments!


Mealtimes are on of babies most sensory rich experiences – new tastes, smells and textures. We encourage finger feeding as it is one of the early opportunities for your little one to practice their finger co-ordination with very small objects.

We plan play experiences that focus on children’s social relationships to help support their growing sense of themselves and to encourage confidence and self-esteem. Children are supported in understanding that there are rules for being together with others by always encouraging patience and tolerance and modelling positive ways to treat one another We introduce activities to meet their natural curiosity, growing energy and development, whether it’s pouring at a water table, stacking tumbling blocks or playing with shapes and puzzles.

We encourage exploration and introduce skills such as:

  • Sensory and tactile skills
  • Gross motor skills
  • Communication and language development
  • Personal, social and emotional development

In an environment filled with encouragement, your child will experience the early success he or she needs to grow and develop independence.

We consider it essential that young children get frequent and regular opportunities to explore and learn in the outdoor environment. The babies have their own outdoor space at the rear of the building. This outdoor area also links with the 2 year old and the 3 & 4 year old gardens.

Dietary Requirements

We do not prepare food for the children we prefer them to bring packed lunches/tea so that their diet is consistent with that at home and takes into account any special die

tary requirements or moral/cultural observances. We ask you to supply baby’s milk, solids and other drinks for your child in labelled containers and bottles. Please check that all packaged foods are in date as we are unable to give them to children once they have passed their “Best Before” date. Please refer to the “Under Thirty months Policy” with regard to storage and heating of food/drink.

In order to promote healthy children we provide a range of healthy snacks and a choice of milk or water mid morning and a

Drinks are available for the children to access throughout the day.

Our Sleep Room






Our Babies have the luxury of having their very own sleep room, which is integrated within the baby nursery space. Therefore your babies are watched at all times whilst sleeping and have a staff member close by for extra cuddles if required

Nappies, Changing etc

Please can you supply nappies, wet wipes, nappy sacks etc, this is all then stored in a labelled container for your child’s use only.

Outdoor Play Area

We have a covered outdoor space allowing your babies to have all year round access to the outside world.