Bumbles Room

The Bumble Bee Team led by Sara who is also a Neuroscience Champion continue your child’s nursery journey.  They care for up to Twelve children from approximately 24 months to 3 years of age. The bumble bee room consists of different areas in line with all the different sections of the E.Y.F.S. The children have the opportunity to access outdoor provision all year round. We encourage large floor art and activities, all of our activities are planned around the individual interests and needs of each child on a day to day basis.

Between the ages of two and three, Toddlers take huge steps in their development. They are now much more physically able, they are keen to explore and imitate the world around them and they need more space, time and freedom to do this. Children are building friendships as well as their language development.

As those of you with children of this age will know, they ask A LOT of questions! We can learn an awful lot about what children are interested in by the questions they ask and a

re able to plan exciting and Stimulating activities based on the children’s own interests.

We plan play experiences in the that focus on children’s social relationships to help support their growing sense of themselves and to encourage confidence and self-esteem. Children are supported in understanding that there are rules for being together with others by always encouraging patience and tolerance and modelling positive ways to treat one another.  We encourage independence with starting to learn how to put on our coats and take off socks and shoes.

The staff support the children with toilet training and our toilet facilities (including a toilet and toilet training seats, potties and nappy changing facilities) have been designed to make this easier for both children and staff.

Outdoor Play Area

Outdoor Play Area

Over the last few years childcare has changed beyond recognition with the introduction of the Early Years Foundation Stage. A fundamental part of the EYFS is to promote free access to outdoor play in all weathers. In line with the EYFS we have ‘free access’ to the outside play area which is safe and secure.

A vital aspect of an environment for joyful learning is the outdoor space, sights sounds and sensations that cannot be achieved indoors all contribute to this. With this in mind our outdoor area which is surfaced with astroturf.


“The outdoor environment for the youngest children is particularly well organised to enable all children, regardless of their mobility, to explore a good range of resources confidently” (Ofsted 2014)