Parents using Chard NNI & Schools Out may sometimes feel unhappy about an aspect of the service being provided. There is a fair way of dealing with issues as they arise in an informal way, but parents may wish to exercise their right to make a formal complaint. They are informed of the procedure to do this and complaints are responded to in a timely way.
Agencies working with the setting may also have a grievance or complaint to make. They are informed of the procedures and complaints are responded to in a timely way.


  • If a parent is unhappy about any aspect of their child’s care or how he/ she has been treated, then this should be discussed with the child’s key person. The key person will listen to the parent and acknowledge what they are unhappy about. The key person will offer an explanation and an apology if this is appropriate. (The issue, and how it was resolved is recorded in the child’s file).
  • If the parent is not happy with the key person’s response or wishes to complain about the key person or any other member of staff, he/ she will be directed to the manager. Some parents will want to make a written complaint; others will prefer to make it verbally, in which case the manager should write down the main issues of the complaint using the template form from the Complaints Record and keep it in the child’s file/complaints folders.
  • The manager will investigate the complaint and provide time to feedback to the parent within 14 days. A written report of the investigation is kept in the child’s file.
  • If the parent is still not satisfied, or if the complaint is about the manager, the manager is asked to forward their complaint verbally or in writing to the Chair Person where LADO may be called.
  • If the parent is still not satisfied, then he/ she is entitled to make a complaint to OFSTED. The manager will assist in any complaint investigation as well as in producing documentation that records the steps that were taken in response to the original complaint.
  • The manager will ensure that parents know they can complain to Ofsted by telephone or by writing as follows:
    Ofsted National Business Unit,
    Piccadilly gate,
    Store Street,
    Manchester M1 2WD
    Telephone: 0300 123 1231