Policies and Procedures

Induction of Families

Opening Statement

Process over Art

Induction of families

Waiting list and admissions

Fees Policy

Arrival and departures

key person

Dummies, Cups & Bottles


pets in nursery policy


Recruitment Policy

Induction of new colleagues

Staff Development and training

Equality & Diversity

Equality & Diversity

Special educational needs

Promoting positive behaviour

Supporting individual children


Anti Bullying


Critical Incident

Uncollected child

Incapacitated parent

Missing or Lost child

Death of a child

Death of a Adult

Managing People

Health Procedures

First aid



Sick Children

Infection Control

Intimate care

Nappy changes

Managing Bodily Fluids

Sun Cream

Internal procedures

Social Media

Mobile phones, Smart Watches and cameras

Children’s Records


Staff Deployment

Deployment of Volunteers

Staff Children


managing staff Conflict

Complaints by parents

Health and Safety

Health & Safety

In the office

Main kitchen

Daisy kitchen

Group Rooms

Children’s bathroom’s


Manual Handling

Sleep Room

Schools Out

Schools out walking bus

Child Protection

Child Protection Ethos

Roles & Responsibilities

Child protection forms of abuse

Child Protection reporting Concerns

What to do if you have concerns:flow Chart

Child Protection Allegations against staff

whistle Blowing:Flow Chart

Bitish values & Radicalisation